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Principal's Message

Education removes darkness and makes life brighter forever. From education only, all round development is possible.Education makes a person polite, politeness increases ability and ability gives maturity. Only a committed person is successful in every walk of life. Continue...


  • Boys hostel for backward class
  • Libraries:  
    • Main Library
    • Library – Dept. of Physics
    • Library – Dept. of Mathematics
    • Library – Dept. of Teacher Education
  • Gymnasium and Playground
  • Girls' Common Rooms in Main campus, Science campus and Teacher Education campus
  • Laboratories:  
    • Dept. of Physics
    • Dept. of Chemistry
    • Dept. of Zoology
    • Dept. of Botany
    • Dept. of Geography
    • Dept. of Psychology
    • Dept. of Defence and Strategic Studies
    • Faculty of Teacher-education

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