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Principal's Message

Education removes darkness and makes life brighter forever. From education only, all round development is possible.Education makes a person polite, politeness increases ability and ability gives maturity. Only a committed person is successful in every walk of life. Continue...


Satish Kumar Dixit
:  Office Superintendent
Hanuman Prasad Yadav
:  Senior Clerk
Dr. Sandhya Singh
:  Routine Clerk
Dr. Niharika Srivastava
:  Routine Clerk
Raj Kumar Mathur
:  Routine Clerk/ Accountant
Moina Khatoon
:  Routine Clerk


Dr. Ashok Kumar
:  Associate Professor- Librarian
Ram Bhawan Singh
:  Cataloguer
Ram Kumar
:  Library Clerk
Deo Prakash
:  Library Clerk

Class IV

Santosh Kumar
Prem Kumar
Sukh Deo Prasad
Shiv Kumar
Kailash Kumar Verma
Reeta Dubey
Babu Lal
Pawan Kumar Pandey
Chhedi Ram
Guru Prasad
Devendra Nath
Sharad Kumar Pathak

Lab Assistant

Mukta Ram
:  Botany Dept.
Vijay Singh
:  Zoology Dept.
Amarjeet Verma
:  Teacher Education Dept.

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